Tales of the Lost

And It Hits The Fan

A White Court Avalanche

Arianna went to the concierge desk at the Gold Coast to look for the Goldsmiths, and they said they would be down soon, but as she was waiting, she recognized a city counselor leaving the oddly busy casino floor. Not thinking too much of it, since the Gold Coast is a locals casino more than a touristy one, Arianna was greeted by Shane Goldsmith. After a bit of small talk about business, he escorted her to the elevators to one of the upper floors of the hotel. Without knocking, the door opened, and it seemed as though Shawn had opened it, so again, Ari didn’t think much of it.

After being offered a drink, to which she accepted a water, she was led out to the balcony where she was greeted by what could best be described as a Native American in modern day attire; the only thing that really gave off his origin was the long ponytail and the warm complexion. She introduced herself and as she took his hand she noticed the color drain from her hand and forearm, and at the same time, her hunger grew within her.

Ari had a few questions about what had happened with the twins, and was more interested in the ‘how’ than the ‘what’. The spirit replied to her that to an extent, they invoke the same things in people, and he knew of her hunger. To be honest, Arianna was a little unnerved at just how much the spirit knew about her. Insisting that he knew she wanted her freedom from the people she was under, he made her an offer to help free her from the restraints of her current situation. Although she would essentially be changing from the White Court’s rule over her life to the spirit’s, he assured her it would be more to her liking. Making an offer that was very hard for her to refuse, the spirit simply asked for a meeting with Steve Wynn. Arianna said she couldn’t make promises, as Wynn was currently out of the country.

Over with Blake, while sitting at the bar, he was approached by an attractive dark-haired woman, who asked if he might like to buy her a drink, and when he does, they struck up a conversation. She asked him what’s troubling him, and he said that there were personal issues, but basically he was having problems with a friend who basically stabbed him in the back.

She suggested that he stab back, and they had a conversation. After making introductions, they talked about the possibility that Blake may be trying to harm himself, but Blake ensured her that he had no intention of doing so. Chatting about his role on the PD, when she asked him about whether he was part of the breakup of the triad ring, he said he was involved in it. “Well, you’re a bona fide hero, then,” she said, stating that he has a lot of good in him and to drink himself so silly over someone who couldn’t see that he’s a hero made no sense. Once Blake agreed with that, she suggested they go for a walk. Despite the fact that they weren’t in the best part of town, up near but not on Fremont Street after dark, Katherine, oddly enough, didn’t feel all that nervous about their surroundings.

On their walk, things seemed to be going well enough, though Blake was a little out of practice in chatter, but his drunkenness kind of made up for his contradictory lies, and she didn’t really think much of them. She took him to her place, and offered him a night cap. He declined the offer of more alcohol, but when she offered to brew a pot of coffee, he agreed to it. They chatted about things that were bothering him, and he eventually got up to leave. When he walked into the hallway as she was asking where he was going, he walked to the next neighbor’s place and tried the door, to find it locked. Concerned by his odd behavior, she suggested that she might be best to get him a pillow and blankets, and offered to let him spend the night on her couch.

When Blake awoke the next morning, he wasn’t feeling any sort of hangover type pain, but he did see a note from Katherine Pierce, as well as her phone number and a message that she needed to get to work (odd, considering how she said she was out of work). Blake then replied to her note before leaving for work, giving her the contact information for Arianna – who could possibly help her find employment as a PR rep at one of the casinos.

Kane, in preparation for the meeting, asked Woo to prepare dossiers for each of the parties who would be attending: Red Court, White Court, Black Court, Jade Court, and Ghouls. Woo said she would make those preparations, and he decided to head to the Blue Martini to speak with Bartleby and make arrangements for the meeting.

He asked for Bartleby’s opinion on the meeting, who indicated some apprehension in the intention of the meeting. But, because he is who he is and plays his role, his opinion wasn’t much of an issue. Despite apprehension from everyone to whom he mentioned the meeting, Kane decided to head home to make the final preparations for it.

While examining photographs, Arianna noticed something about one of them; a slight misalignment with the ceiling fan in the bathroom, which could have been nothing, could have been from the last time the room was painted, or could lead to something, she called Blake to ask if they could head in the direction of the crime scene to check things out. He said he would be able to pick her up in about a half hour. She said she wasn’t at work, since she was taking some scheduled time away from the club, but he could find her at the Venetian, and she would be at the concierge’s desk. While waiting for Blake, William walked into the hotel with Tina who made a slashing motion across her throat as she glared at Ari.

“We have all kinds of questions, and no answers” Jason stammered to his boss. Normally, Jason was a confident sort, but since he had claimed to be abducted by aliens, he’d become far more paranoid than one could really imagine. You see, during the abduction, the aliens weren’t looking to probe him, but rather enhance him. Instead of being your average ordinary Joe, he had become a man with breasts. He was certain that the aliens were studying him through various panes of glass (the double panes were the worst, since he could actually see them between the panes), so he was careful to not play with his newfound toys. Truth be told, he was uncomfortable – not because people were looking at him differently, but because the way he kept his breasts bound tightly to his body was starting to really hurt, and on several occasions during the day, he wondered how women could tolerate their undergarments.

Frustrated by the teenager, Arianna tried not to let it bother her. When she saw Blake, she left the desk and they took off in the car, heading in the direction of the motel and latest murder scene. They had a conversation about the recent happenings, and Ari assured him she would try to make things right between Blake and Andy, saying she didn’t think that he was a monster, despite what Han had said.

Upon their arrival at the scene, they saw that there had been a few efforts to clean the carpet, and that the furniture was pretty much missing. Fortunately, nothing had been done to the ceiling, and Arianna went straight toward the bathroom to see it wasn’t a camera blur, but in fact that the ceiling fan seemed just slightly misaligned. Blake requested some tools from the maintenance closet and pulled down the ceiling fan. Inside the duct work, there was a glob of tape to which there was a memory chip (SD card) attached. Taking it as evidence, Blake bagged it and replaced the ceiling fan cover.

With the potential smoking gun in hand, they returned to Arianna’s penthouse at the Venetian, and started examining the evidence on the chip. The card contained unencrypted information, mostly pertaining to financial records. Bruce Simpson was the apparent owner of the chip, but he wasn’t going to miss it, seeing as he was dead. One thing that did stand out with the records was that there were large transactions (not gargantuan, but large), that were transferred to an offshore account in the Cayman Islands. There was also an email address associated with the transactions: Euryale@gmail.com. Recognizing it as something from mythology, they researched it on the internet, finding that Euryale is one of the immortal Gorgons from Greek Myth.

While the pair were at Arianna’s going over evidence on the chip, Kane was waiting for the attendees to show for the meeting. The first to arrive was a beautiful dark-haired woman by the name of Katherine Pierce, representing the Red Court in Las Vegas. Shortly after, Joe and Evelyn Mercado showed, and finally Giovanni Montegna. After making introductions all around, Kane was ready to get down to business.

After explaining that they were all asked to the meeting because of their apparent association with the murders of a few of Kane’s master’s accountants. The Red Court and Ghouls denied having anything to do with the names of the accountants on the list. Johnny, on the other hand, was shocked to learn that Kane had invited him because of a business deal that had been signed between Nigel and Han. That revelation only made Katherine smile and revel in the fact that the White Court seemed to be falling apart at its seams.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Johnny left first, fuming mad at the fact that Nigel had essentially overstepped his bounds. The interaction between Evelyn and Kane was not a good one, though they did arrive at an agreement, that neither would attack the other as an act of war, but agreed to the fact that Evelyn didn’t like Kane or what he’d done to her husband.

Kane returned to speak with Han, explaining that the meeting went rather well, and Han asked what was said. After being berated for airing secrets that were meant to be kept, Han informed Kane that he probably killed every member of the White Court that was at the initial meeting by doing so.

While going over evidence on the disk, and fearing that there may be a gorgon roaming around Las Vegas (Something that Arianna is not buying into, but thinks that it was evidence planted so that people would think that was who was responsible), Ari had received a text about the round-table forum that Kane had asked Woo to set up. However, she got a text that was far more important, to the point that she had to cut the meeting short. “Family business came up, and I’m going to have to ask you to go, because I can’t put this off.”

It was a text from Giovanni Montegna – meeting in 30 minutes – and one that Arianna couldn’t ignore. So Blake took the disk and went back to the station, and she went to change for the meeting. As she drove up, she knew there were a lot of House Montegna members of the White Court in attendance. She also noticed that William – a very disheveled and beaten William – Blake, and a few other House Raith members were there. But they were, needless to say, vastly outnumbered.

The meeting began when Arianna arrived, since she was the last to arrive. As the meeting began, Johnny explained that someone within the house has been disloyal. He then motioned to have Nigel dragged out. The Las Vegas patriarch of House Raith was beaten to near death, and had he been mortal, would have been long dead. But he was still breathing, right up to the point that Johnny brought down a sword and beheaded Nigel before everyone.

In shock, Arianna simply watched as Johnny approached her with the sword, stating that she too had been tested and passed, and for that, she would be made head of House Raith in Las Vegas. But “fuck up and you’re next.” With his words, he dropped the sword at Arianna’s feet and left. The rest of the House Montegna clan cleared from the room, and William approached Arianna, saying that there was nothing that he could do to stop it from happening. Ari just nodded and said “I know, William” even though she had called and warned him of the meeting. He said he would take care of Nigel’s body, and she nodded, taking her leave and sitting in her car, crying for a short while before heading back to her penthouse.

Knowing she needed to speak with the Raith family back in Chicago, Ari made arrangements to leave town. She called Blake to inform him that she would have to leave town for a few days to take care of some family business, but would call him when she returned.



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