Tales of the Lost

And the Dust Settles.... Sort of

Ghoulish Aftermath

William, following the skirmish with the ghouls, poked at the unconscious partially transformed BlakeAndy suggested it best to not poke something that could take his hand off. After suggesting they get Blake into the car, Andy refused and said he was going into the bowels of hell and run into the ghouls’ hideout after Kane. With an “I hope he doesn’t wake up in your car,” Andy turned and walked off to save Kane (who, William said that could probably take care of himself). William decided to take matters into his own hands and pulled out a taser and pressed it to Andy’s cheek, shocking him into unconsciousness, then proceeded to toss both Andy and Blake into the car.

Kane, headed into the bowels of hell, noticed the scent of a cigar as he transitioned from the wash into the ghoul’s lair. While not overly taken aback by the cigar smell, he did head in the direction of the smell, and stumbled upon a room that looked like a main security barracks, with several monitors and a cigar burning in an ashtray. The monitors provided scenes of the salvage yard above ground. While looking around the desk, he heard a soft attention-grabbing whistle, only to turn and see a lead pipe headed to the bridge of his nose. When he returned to consciousness, he found himself restrained (chained) to a cold and solid table, inside a cave. Basically, he’s been trapped by the one who clobbered him with the lead pipe.

Opening his eyes, Kane recognized the man spinning Kane’s cane in his hands as the one who clobbered him with the pipe. Although he tried to slip out of the shackles, he didn’t manage to free himself, and he found himself being questioned. When asked why Kane entered his place of business, Kane’s response was that he offended Kane’s master. While the attacker wasn’t overly offended by the fact that Kane killed the ghouls, he was definitely angered by the fact that the man in restraints has attracted all kinds of attention to his place of business. When asked about where he should be delivered, Kane suggested he just be let go and walk home, but the man with the cane refused… No, no, no. He told Kane that he planned on using the very powerful stick to break a bunch of bones. Instead, Kane freed himself from his right hand restraint, and punched his abductor, knocking him back.

As Kane was hitting the guy and trying to get the cane, the guy started straining against his suit and grew… imagine the Incredible Hulk as he turned green – but more gorilla-like. Kane flipped open the cane’s top to unleash dragon fire and spirit, and tried to vault the guy, but the guy managed to grab Kane and smash him back to the floor. The dragon spirit managed to tear into the monster, but Kane noticed that the monster was healing faster than anything he’d ever seen – as fast as the damage was being done it was healing. On the assumption that seriously harming Kane would take care of the dragon spirit, the monster swiped at Kane with his claws, but the dragon spirit flung the monster to the other side of the altar, and Kane managed to collapse the altar onto the monster, stunning him with the weight of the altar. Kane then managed to unleash the dragon fire to the point that he smells burning flesh, then gets clobbered from behind, his final thoughts were that he’d managed to destroy the person that his master had wanted.

Blake woke up in what seemed like a basement, bound to a pipe in front of him. He’d been disarmed, and his handcuff keys are within reach with his feet, and noticed that his clothes were in an odd predicament. He tried to get to the keys with his hands, then tried to free his hands from the cuffs. He was given the impression that he was put in that sort of position so that if he was thinking, he’d have little problem to get out of the cuffs. The bullets and disassembled guns are left in a position of a crude smiley face, so that he would have a good idea that the person who did it knew what he was doing.

After a brief pause and glance at the guns, Blake moved to the door to listen, but hears very little other than traffic. He took a shot at the lock to the door into the house. The sound of the gunshot woke Andy up, but he’s on a bed in the house… He was wearing his jacket with his axe leaning on the nightstand. Upon hearing the gunshot, Andy bolted (headache and all) straight out of bed at the sound. He noticed he has burn marks on his cheek, knowing full well it was from the taser blast. Andy decided to exit through a window, since he’s on a first story room. He noticed a note pinned to his jacket, which he tore off and decided he would read later on – his mind is on getting the heck away from the house where he was.

Blake moved through the house, to look make sure that it is clear. He saw that the broken glass was in a bedroom, then saw that there was a firefighter running away from the house. After taking the $50 that was folded and under the pillow, Blake left the house, looking rather disheveled, heading in the direction of the Strip and Surrender.

Arianna awoke from her nap on the couch, to find herself being watched by William, and after a “what the hell are you doing here” accusatory question, she got the skinny on what happened. He informed her that what was supposed to be a question and answer with the owner of the salvage yard turned into a major battle between them and six ghouls. He went on to explain that during the fight, her ‘cop friend’ transformed into something, and nobody knew what. He told her that Blake had been rendered unconscious during the fight, and at the end of it, Kane went in after the ghouls. The more he explained, the worse Arianna felt, but he continued, saying that Andy was ready to go in after Kane, but William promptly tased him in the face, rendering him completely unconscious as well. William then said that he’d brought the two of them to a safe-house where they could recover.

“And when Nigel calls for a report?” was the concern running through her head, and when she asked William about that, he suggested that she not tell him everything. She countered with the option of William telling Nigel what happened, and he just asked what she wanted him to tell Nigel. She left that decision to William.

Kane awoke in a small prison-like cell, feeling at least a little pain, and heard a clinking sound, and as he looked around, saw that there was what seemed to be a female ghoul tapping on the bars with her claw, then she made a “shh” type gesture, and seemed to be picking the lock of the cell with her claws. She managed to opened the door to the cage and waved for him to follow, and did so rather insistently. Kane decided it would be best to not move from the cage, but the female ghoul was insistent he follow her, grasping at his shoulder. He then noticed she pressed herself back against the wall and seemed to disappear, then found 3 ghouls poking him with a stick. After 15 minutes of poking, the ghouls get bored and leave, and the female ghoul reappeared, ushering him out of the cell again, then gives him his cane, immediately feeling a slight bit better. As she leads him out of the cell, he notices that he looks rather ghoulish, then pinches himself, feeling his clothing rather than what should be skin.

Finally freed from the ghoul area and on the surface, once again in the salvage yard, the ghoulette tossed an old carpet over the top of the razor wire on top of the fence. Before doing anything, Kane insisted on knowing who she was, and she transformed into the girl who had been there before the fight. She repeatedly insisted he go over the fence, and eventually Kane got the message, but rather than taking the route provided, he broke through the electrified fence, setting off alarms and drawing even more attention to the yard than it had already had. The girl ran off in a panic, through the hole that Kane had made in the fence.

Blake entered the Encore hotel, with the intention of going to see Arianna at Surrender, but considering his appearance, he was stopped by hotel security. When he explained he’d already called the cops about the beating he’d received, they suggested that he wait in a conference room and that she would be called. Despite Blake saying “make it quick”, the head of security contacted Arianna, explaining the situation, and said that they would be happy to dispatch the visitor. While tempted by the offer, she said she would be there within a few minutes, and to offer him water or coffee.

After ensuring that Kyle would take care of the sound check for the following night’s concert, she said she wouldn’t be long, but just in case, left the club in Kyle’s capable hands. When she arrived at the conference room, having already heard what happened from William, she entered the room, keeping her place by the door. She asked what happened, and Blake explained that he didn’t know. She insisted that they were to go in and talk to the owner of the salvage yard, not attack anyone, and Blake said that was how it started, but he didn’t know what happened; just that he woke up cuffed to a pipe in a basement, with his weapons dismantled, the pieces and bullets left in a happy face for him to find. (Good ol’ William).

Blake kept asking her what happened, and she repeatedly insisted that she had no idea, since she wasn’t there, but what she’d heard from William, disarming someone who wasn’t entirely human probably wasn’t a bad idea. When Blake said he didn’t know what she was talking about, she called William, who was out looking for the missing Tina, to see if he could come by to chat. He explained that there had been a scene along the strip with a guy dressed in nothing more than neon yellow body paint, that had distracted him from looking for the girl – mostly because he’d taken flight of his own accord. After laughing at his distraction, she told William that Blake was sitting in front of her, William said that was probably not wise. Finally, she suggested that everyone meet for a debriefing of sorts at the Blue Martini, told Blake to go home and get cleaned up, and offered William some help in finding the girl, which he refused – at least for the moment. She asked if, after he found her, he could meet her at the Blue Martini, to which he agreed.

Arianna then called Andy’s house, to try to get him to go to the Blue Martini, but he wasn’t home yet. She left a message with Cassandra, saying that she’d rather she not be with him, because she doesn’t want to get her involved. When Cassandra said “But it’s fine involving my husband?” Arianna just sighed and said that Andy was already involved. Cassandra said she would pass on the message.

Despite his injured state, Kane managed to run a dozen or so miles from the salvage yard to the door of the Blue Martini, where he was greeted by Bartleby. The fae suggested that Kane take a shower in a room that just ‘appeared’, and the shower would make Kane feel better. Before he agreed, however, he asked about a mute teenager, and that she needed help. Bartleby had an idea about the girl that Kane meant, and assured him that if he found anything out, he would let Kane know. Kane also asked that Bartleby contact his master (Han) to meet him at the Blue Martini.

Arianna showed up at the Blue Martini earlier than everyone, and spoke with Bartleby about getting one of the downstairs rooms, and said she was expecting a few guests – Anderson, Blake, and hopefully William. When asked if she and William had reconciled, she said that they hadn’t, but that sometimes they have to work together – this was one of those occasions. But also said that William was out looking for Tina, so she didn’t know if he would show. Then she asked if possibly Bartleby had heard anything about Tina’s whereabouts, and Bartleby said that he didn’t know, but that someone else had inquired about her. When asked if he could say who, Bartleby said he wouldn’t, but would pass on her concern. She thanked Bartleby and went down to the room to get it ready for her guests.

Once she was downstairs, Kane emerged from the shower, and Bartleby explained that someone was asking about the girl, and brought him down to the room that Arianna had set up for the meeting. When Kane entered the room, Arianna was caught by surprise, not having been certain if Kane had made it out of the ghouls’ lair. Glad to see him, she asked for his take on what happened. He explained a story similar to William’s until the point where he went inside, at which point Andy entered the room with Cassandra. Ari didn’t quite glare at Cassandra, but wasn’t happy she was there, since she’d not wanted to get her involved. But Andy went to the bar and Ari made him a drink (followed several more that landed him on the floor).

Eventually, Blake showed up, and Ari basically wanted to keep peace in the room, seeing as it was accorded neutral ground. Keeping them separate, she explained that they needed to resolve what happened, and figure out how to fix it. Kane had already explained that he had potentially taken out Joe Mercado – something that complicates matters greatly. Of course, Ari is looking at things from a White Court politics standpoint. Explaining that Joe isn’t the kind of guy that people mess with, she was also thinking of things from a city safety standpoint, and with the one being who keeps a fairly tight rein on the ghouls in Las Vegas taken out, that would incite potential chaos. Blake insisted that with the ghouls in chaos, it would be the perfect time to take them out. Arianna shook her head, not letting them know what was going on in her head.

Just then, a knock sounded at the door, and Han entered. Kane immediately apologized profusely to his master kneeling humbly before him. Blake thought it odd, but Ari made the introductions between Han and Blake, and Han was certain that he’d never encountered someone like Blake. Blake asked for an explanation to which Han replied that Blake was definitely not possessed; that there was a single soul within him, and that basically he was a being that essentially consumed magic. There was a ‘black hole’ of sorts that swallowed magic, and the hole was growing and therefore getting stronger. Blake replied by drinking himself to the floor, leaving both he and Andy passed out.

During the explanation of what Blake was, there was another knock at the door, and when Kane went to answer the door, he saw William and Tina. Glad that the girl was ok, Kane got the angry teenage glare from her in response. When William entered, Cassandra greeted him with a swift slap in the face. William decided he was safer behind the bar, and Cassandra took a now-conscious Andy home. Kane and Han also took their leave, leaving Blake on the floor with Tina threatening to draw all over him with a Sharpie, and William and Ari behind the bar. Arianna asked that Tina not leave any marks on Blake’s face, but the rest of him would be free. She then turned to William and asked what was wrong, to which William replied he was fine. She knew there was something, but he insisted that he was fine, stating that he had never lied to her. She replied with “Not until now.” But William didn’t press the issue and took his leave with Tina (who had colored all of Blake’s fingernails and toenails with black sharpie ink). After wrestling Blake up the stairs, Blue Martini’s security set him in a cab to send him home and Arianna eventually took her leave.

The next morning, Kane awoke in tremendous pain, but composed a few letters, one apologizing to Bartleby for the previous night’s events, one inviting G.H. Oul and guest to the Blue Martini for a meeting, and one to Arianna, also inviting her to the meeting, then returning to bed to further recover from the previous day’s beating.

Blake awoke feeling pretty horribly, but simply called out of work for the day.

Arianna spent most of the night brooding over William and what he was keeping from her (or lying to her about… depending on perspective). She also wasn’t sure how to handle what had happened with Mercado, and had more pictures to go over. Needless to say, she hadn’t fed in some time, because her mind has been occupied with too many other things.

Andy woke with his head in the tray of the bonsai tree, the tree itself just quivering. After taking some time, he called Arianna, and when she answered, she asked how Andy was doing. He said he wasn’t doing well, and she wasn’t surprised. She asked what he knew of the night before, and Cassandra had filled him in on what Blake was. Ari asked if there was something that Andy might be able to do to “plug the hole” that was Blake, and not knowing of anything offhand, he said that he wouldn’t get involved with something that was devouring magic. Arianna said she didn’t want to get him involved, but wanted to know if he knew of anything. He said that it was dealing with something completely unknown, and would take a lot of research. Ari hinted at possible White Council involvement, but with Andy not being a part of the White Council, the idea was sort of scrapped. Andy said he has no intention of being a part of it, because he doesn’t want to answer to a higher council than himself, and she knew just what he meant. Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door, by a Hispanic looking guy in a gray cloak.



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