Tales of the Lost

Deals Made, Questions Asked

Resolution Uncertain

If you recall, at the last session, Andy received a knock on his door and that was the cliffhanger. This week picked up with the door being answered, by Andy, who was greeted by a man in a gray duster. Yes, he was (and still is) a member of the White Council, assigned to go check out Anderson Carleston.

It wasn’t so much to check Andy out, but to inform him that there was a powerful spirit that had been let loose on the world. That spirit had been trapped beneath a leyline, one that Andy had tapped into when he performed the ritual to trap the rage spirit in the bonsai tree. Unfortunately, when Andy opened it, that spirit was nowhere to be found.

Beyond the spirit being unleashed, there was the issue of a powerful wizard residing in Las Vegas, where there hadn’t been any wizard activity, and therefore no reason for the Council to have any presence in the city. While the warden could understand that Andy didn’t want to be a part of Council politics, he saw Andy as being a contact in Las Vegas. Because of that, the warden made an offer to Anderson: He would downplay the power that Andy harnesses, Andy wouldn’t need to be shipped off to various corners of the country, BUT if there were any magical happenings within Las Vegas, the warden would be in his every last right to call upon Andy to look into it. An agreement was reached on the matter.

Andy then went on to tell the warden about what he’d heard about Blake/Leroy. It was a potential concern to the entire Council. While he didn’t immediately say Blake’s name, he did explain to the warden that Blake had been described as a “black hole of magic”, capable of swallowing magic. The warden suggested that Andy go and take care of the problem by killing him, but Andy wanted to look into the possibility of making some sort of bargain. Rather than telling the warden where Blake lived, he suggested checking with the police department.

Eventually, Andy did tell the warden Blake’s address. The warden explained that it was Andy’s responsibility to take care of the threat, and asked Andy, were the roles reversed, he would be suggesting the warden kill Blake. When Andy said he probably would, the warden responded with “Then get down to it!”

When we found Kane, he was in bed. His shoulder had mostly healed, but not entirely. For the most part, however, he was feeling a bit better than the “death warmed over” feeling he’d had the previous night. As he woke and looked around his room, he realized that the cane wasn’t where he’d left it. He searched through the house, and then went outside to speak with Han, who was tending to his zen garden. Upon asking if Han had seen the cane, Han pointed to it, it was within a dome (possibly a sphere) of flaming energy; sort of a grid whose lines were on fire, but one could see through it to the ground where the cane lay. Kane asked what was happening, whether the cane was doing something.

Han replied, “No, the cane isn’t doing anything.”

Upon realizing that he couldn’t get the cane directly, with either a twig or his own hand, both of which were stopped at the threshold of the sphere, Kane made a questioning statement: “I did something bad.”

Han nodded, and said “but you can have the cane back when you can get the cane.” Han had decided to test Kane. The test was more important than just getting the cane back. He needed to learn that there are ways to get what you want without direct blunt force.

Kane considered the energy shield around the cane, further investigating it, then considered wedging two cookie sheets under the dome to lift it out of the way, but upon trying that, it seemed as though the energy was, in fact, in the form of a sphere. His next attempt was with the garden hose. Trying to douse the flames, he saw that the water just passed through the grid of the shield, but the hose itself couldn’t breach it.

Because nothing Kane could physically do would get the cane, Kane opted to ask Han to get the cane for him, hoping that a plea for team work was the lesson to be learned. Han laughed at the suggestion.

While Kane was left to think on it, we then saw Blake. He decided, upon the revelation that he was a being of unknown origins, and was basically an entity that swallows magic, he would contact Shaw to ask about the officer’s favorite bar. They end up going to a bar to have a few drinks.

While Blake was off getting hammered, Arianna decided that she needed to figure out what the hell had happened the previous day. She knew what, but couldn’t figure out the how, and figured that the Goldsmith twins would be the first place to look for the answer. When she arrived at the casino (looking rather horrible for a White Court Vampire, if we’re being completely honest), she learned that the twins were not around the Gold Coast. Arianna asked if she could leave her cell number and have either of them contact her at their earliest convenience.

After leaving the number, Ari left the hotel and sat in her car, just looking back at the Las Vegas skyline and thinking on the events of the previous 24 hours, further prompting her decision to look into houses away from the Venetian, away from the White Court, and away from William. She made her way to Lake Las Vegas to look at possible houses to purchase.

Back with Kane and Han, Kane was considering various means to get through the sphere of energy, then thought that possibly contacting the ‘Black Hole of Magic’ would be able to destroy the shield of energy. For a moment, he considered tearing the yard apart and digging under it, but knew that Han really liked his yard. So, he beat on the sphere out of sheer frustration. The rock he picked up to smash against the shield passed through it; the rock went through, but Han’s hand stopped at the edge with enough force to actually feel a little bit of physical pain. Using the idea that the rock could pass through the shield, he thought maybe something else made of stone would work. The paver stones didn’t work however, and Kane realized that what didn’t pass through the shield (other than himself) were all materials that had somehow been worked. Natural things like water and rocks could pass through it. Once again, he considered his options. And then, frustrated, he threw another rock, hitting the cane and knocking it free enough from the sphere to be able to pick it up.

Han congratulated him and then Kane asked if Han would cook for the upcoming meeting. Han refused, saying that it would be best, considering those who had been invited, to not serve food or drink, so as not to cater to one breed of guest and deny another. Understanding that, Kane made his way to the Blue Martini to speak with Bartleby to ask him to invite the local heads of the Vampire Courts to the meeting, then made his way to the M Resort and Casino to get someone working on finding information about the supernatural community. Upon meeting Sara woo, he asked that she set up an RSS feed and forward the information to Arianna’s phone.

While Kane was setting things up to start collecting information, Arianna emerged from the Lake Las Vegas community with a few housing options, but had received a call from an unknown number. Hesitantly picking up the phone, she found herself speaking with Shane Goldsmith, who invited Arianna to join him and his sister at a restaurant at the Four Queens on Fremont Street. Ari said she would meet them, and drove off to her destination.

Once at Hugo’s, she was seated with the twins, and asked them quite bluntly, “What happened yesterday?” While they wouldn’t directly answer, Shane did say that they’d done exactly what Arianna had most needed, release. Arianna was concerned with how they’d done it, more so than what they did.

“We have someone you would like to meet, Arianna,” the twins replied. “And who can answer your questions. Meet us at midnight at the Gold Coast – actually, make it 11:45; so nobody is kept waiting.” Shane asked if maybe Arianna would want to show up earlier, for a little bit of tension release, and Ari refused, leaving the lunch instead. As she was leaving the restaurant, the first in a series of messages arrived and started flooding her phone. Looking at the messages, they were business records and other plain information about her business among other people’s affairs. There was no return number, but an IP, so she went back to Surrender to get to the bottom of it. She called Constance to see if she could trace the information, and located the IP to be from the M resort. Arianna “pinged” the IP with a message of “Thank you, and to what do I owe the pleasure?” and received a return message of “Please disregard” and the feed went dead.

Trying to figure out who she might know at the M to look into who might be probing her business records, she contacted Han Riu’s office, and left a message for either Han or Kane to contact her. Within a few minutes, and after buying a hot dog from Hot Bob (which came with a phone number slipped between two napkins), Arianna received a call from Kane, asking her if she could meet with him. When she said she would, he asked that they meet at Hot Bob’s cart, and she agreed, despite the lack of hot dogs in her diet.

When they met, he asked if they could speak somewhere privately, and they went back to the M Resort to the business office where Kane had set Sara up and where Sara had been compiling the information Arianna was receiving on her phone. He asked again that she join the meeting the next night, and explained the change in plans for the meeting; that he’d invited the heads of the vampire Courts. She gave him a warning that he was getting involved in things he didn’t understand and had no business being a part of, and explained that he should watch his neck. “Accorded neutral ground is only neutral inside the Blue Martini, and you’ll have to leave at some point.”

After taking her leave, so she could go get ready for her meeting at the Gold Coast, Kane returned home to ask Han for his take. Han basically said he should watch out, but that the threats (for the most part) would be gone by sunrise.



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