Tales of the Lost

Below the Surface and Beyond

Discovering what lies beneath

Following the conversation between Blake and Arianna, Arianna made a call and met Andy in Sunset Park. Meanwhile, Blake returned to the station to get the evidence photos and look at other evidence, not having noticed that there was a shuttle from the Bellagio at the two investigations – at Motel 6, and the murder from a seven months ago. After gathering the photos from the crime scenes and returned them to Surrender, but she wasn’t around. Instead, Blake had to leave the photos in the manila envelope behind the bar. Arianna picked up the envelope after she returned to the club, then started looking at the photos – of course, nothing shows up, at least at first glance.

Andy returned home to the angry tree, and they had an argument about TV. After ending the argument, Andy went to prepare for the ghoul investigation.

Blake decided to talk to Milton Parkston, since his shift was about to end. When Blake entered the office, Milton was playing a video game… with headphones on, so he didn’t hear Blake enter. Politely, after being tapped on the shoulder, he said hello to Blake, and continued with his game. After explaining that he wasn’t breaking regulations by playing (since some bigwigs are big on gaming, and he’s busy befriending them), he gets an invite from Blake to another dinner.
As he’s headed into the restaurant, Milton is at the end of the text conversation, then sits down with Blake. They are sort of doing what they can to read one another, but Milton knows that Blake wants something, and what he’s looking for is information on Montegna and on trying to find a warrant. He wants to compare the business records between Montegna and the construction company.

Arianna, investigating the photos, sees the light in her office blinking, looking at the monitors, and sees William. She makes her way downstairs and William hands her a tiny jewelry box. With some sarcasm, she just thanks him, and she asks if there’s anything more, and he says he doesn’t have anything pressing, then she realizes that she had one thing to ask. Once up in her office, she intended to leave the door open, but he closed the door behind them. She wanted to know if he or she had to get Blake’s schedule. William told her Blake’s schedule, but also told her that he already had bits of Blake’s hair. She then looked inside the little jewelry box to see his dark hair sitting there. Rather than immediately heading down to see Andy with the pieces of hair, William proceeded to seduce her as only William can. (The hair could wait until the next day!)

Blake arrived at home after a long day, to find that that something just felt wrong with his place. After making sure nothing more was wrong with it, he went to bed. When he woke up after having slept in, he had a doctor’s appointment, which went off with little event; but the doctor suggested a multi-vitamin, as he seemed to be deficient of … something.

Arianna woke up from a night of fiery passion, she woke up to see a single rose on the pillow in the bed, and longed to not be alone, but instead just hopped in the shower before heading to work, where she started to go over the evidence photos. Because she wasn’t able to concentrate on things, she decided to call Nigel to discuss the prospect of sending Constance to work for Montegna. They decided to discuss this over a massage, and she explained the situation with the girl. What she was looking for was information regarding whether Montegna would know the girls that the Triad had “employed”. While unable to make promises, and surprised that Arianna would be willing to send a girl into the “lion’s den” and certain death. Ari explained that she was doing so because it’s what needs to be done, and because it’s in the best interest of House Raith.
He also asked if she could detail the progress of the investigation for Han Riu. Ari explained that she was looking at the photos, but doesn’t have anything to go on beyond a hunch. In her mind, she felt that the crime scene may have been created to set up ghouls, so she is looking at clues in the photos to point toward the proof of her hunch.

The morning came easily to Andy, and it did improve (or stayed at least as well) when Arianna called to tell him she had the hair to use to figure out what Blake happens to be. She offered to drive it down to him, and asked when he would be available to go to the construction clean-up company to possibly see about the ghouls. When he told her that he would be free any time, she told him she would make arrangements with the rest of the parties involved. It gave him time to go smoke several cigarettes on his couch.

While in her car, Arianna was about to call Kane, but realized she didn’t have a number for him. So, she called Nigel to see if he had information, but the best he could do was put her in touch with Han Riu’s assistant. She called and introduced herself, and asked to pass on a message to Kane, asking him to call her cell phone. While waiting, she called William, only to hear frolicking in the background. When she asked when he could be free to investigate, he said at any time. With a roll of her eyes, she hung up and received a call from Kane. She found out when he would be available and tried to coordinate things with the others, only to find that Kane had no means of getting in touch.

Kane then proceeded to purchase a pre-paid cell phone so he might be easier to contact. After buying the phone, he stopped off at Hot Bob’s for a dog. In addition to the hot dog he purchased, he received a message from the vendor: The money man was a double agent who paid the price for his lack of loyalty. When he settled down to eat the hot dog, he called Arianna to pass on the message before wandering off to chase butterflies.

Arianna finally got to Andy’s place, frustrated at all kinds of things, but gave him the hair and passed on the message to be at the construction company in an hour. He left immediately after Ari left his house.

When she got back into her car, she called Blake to pass on the information that she’s still going over the photos, but she was sending people to go in with him on the investigation of the construction company. Delighted by the news, he made his way to the location while she returned to continue examining the photos.

Blake’s arrival at the construction company was uneventful, though he reconnected with Andy, and saw two people he’d recognized from the dinner a few nights prior. He wanted to know how everyone could help out, especially curious about the apparent 16 year old accompanying William. Assured that she could take care of herself, even vouched for by Andy, Blake did a double-take when she appeared, for just a moment, to be a woman in her 30s.

Kane decided the best means to go about gaining entry was to speak with the receptionist at the company, kissing her hand to thank her as she gave him access to look for railroad ties. The intention of the kiss was to see if there was something more than just mere mortal to the woman. Alas, there was nothing there. Blake and Kane continued into the salvage yard to look for the blocks of wood, and Andy, William, and Tina were already in the yard.

There was a significant gunshot-like sound when Kane pierced a tire with a wooden splinter he’d imbued with magic, and that seemed to awaken a small band of ghouls who emerged apparently from nowhere. A small battle ensued, and the stress of some injuries on Blake revealed his closely guarded (possibly even to himself) secret. While there were thoughts that he may be possessed, it turned out that he wasn’t entirely human, but had almost insect-like arms and was quite obviously something more than just a cop.



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