Imam Abdul-Hafiz Wadi


High concept: Priest, Terrorist, bodyguard, Ive done alot of things.
Trouble: Ex al-qaeda, but still a freedom fighter.
Allah, Give me strength for what I must do.
Let me show you how it’s done.
Seen too much, done too little. Had enough of that.

4 Might
4 Conviction
3 Guns
3 Endurance
2 Presence
2 Intimidation
2 Fists
1 Contacts
1 Deceit
1 Stealth
1 Resources

Devout words -1
Terrorist Training (Use gun’s when dealing with explosives) -1
Guide my Hand -1

Refresh: 4


Abdul-hafiz grew up in rural Afghanistan, and joined the Al Qaeda during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Eager to prove himself before the eye’s of his superior’s and Allah. over the year’s he turned from soldier to trainer. Teaching recruits the basic’s of tactical combat, how to make bombs, and most importantly how not to get hunted down and killed. While moving into a cave in Sudan to set up a cache for local operations, he and his cell encountered something that should not be. He and Rafi Talib were the only survivors. The unnatural demon shook him most of all, and he paused his operations. Seeking awnser’s as to why the demon was there. Recruited into the Venatori umbrorum he has been fighting a different sort of holy war.

The difference between those who follow and blaspheme seem so much more minor when creatures clearly against god’s creation walk the land. He has always considered himself a protector and warrior of god. During his career with the Venatori he pulled Megan Oliva out of some tough spots, guarding her as she tried to save the lives of their fellow fighter’s against the shadow. He is now the second in command of the station, and of course still engaged in active duty when it is needed. In the hospital he minister’s a small muslim chapel. Most never know his history.

Mr. Wadi used to see the world in black and white and still does in his own special way. Hard to get on his good side, he will nether the less lay down his life for those he considers compatriots. He is brash if competent, and tends to focus mostly on the immediate situation. Considering his career, one should be thankful he is very, very difficult to anger. But god, allah, or Yahweh help you if you gain his ire. While he is not entirely unrepentant for his actions in the past. It is more because of his own foolishness then the lives lost.

He’s lived a hard life as many scar’s on his body will tell. He is a large man with a beard and brown eyes. A nasty scar across the left side of his head taking the top off one ear and some hair with it if he’s not wearing a turban. muscles concealed under his clerical vestments. he still moves like someone who knows how to handle themselves to the trained eye.

Imam Abdul-Hafiz Wadi

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