Arianna Casgrain

Manager of Surrender, member of the White Court... and does what she can to not get dirty - white's so hard to clean.



High Concept – What Court Attention Whore
Trouble – Las Vegas – My One True Love
Phase – Indulgent and Indulged
Phase – Sucker for a Pretty Face
Phase – Sharp as a Dagger, and Twice as Deadly
Phase – Wrapped Around Whose Finger?
Phase – Smiling Like She Means It


+5 Discipline, Presence
+4 Contacts, Intimidation
+3 Athletics, Weapons
+2 Rapport, Resources, Endurance
+1 Alertness, Deceit, Empathy, Investigation, Performance

Stunts & Powers

-1 Emotional Vampire (Lust)
0 Human Guise
-2 Incite Emotion (touch & at range)
+1 Feeding Dependency
-2 Inhuman Recovery
-2 Inhuman Speed
-2 Inhuman Strength
-1 Juggler

Catch: True Love


Nestled on the outskirts of the casino floor at the Encore Hotel and Casino, you will find Surrender. Within the walls of Surrender, you will find the club’s manager – Arianna. The exclusive nightclub in one of the more affluent casinos on the strip provides the perfect front for her other business. That’s right, being house Raith, Ari uses the nightclub as the public face for an extremely high-class (and higher priced) escort service.

In addition to her thriving nightclub – her clientele hasn’t been badly hit by the recession – Arianna is pretty well connected throughout the city. She has lived in Las Vegas since birth, and while it resulted in a rift with her immediate family, Ari wanted to experience the city first-hand, from all angles. She has lived the life of a call girl, and as a result, cares deeply for her girls at Surrender.

Due to her past and her present, she has an extensive network of connections throughout the city, from mortal underground to supernatural high-brows. She even has a few influential members of Vegas society who are wrapped around her little finger… or is she wrapped around them?

Arianna Casgrain

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