Wild Fae Bartender/Owner of the Blue Martini



High Concept – The Bartender of Your Dreams
Trouble – My Clientele Bring Their Problems To Me


Bartleby, just Bartleby, thank you, is the owner/operator of the Blue Martini, the trendy Martini bar in the Vegas’ Town Square. Not attached to any casino, it’s a nice, neutral place to stop for dinner and a drink. Well, a number of drinks really.

Bartleby is the heart and soul of the Blue Martini, the center of it all. A master mixologist and a skilled listener, he’s well known and well liked by his regular patrons. And what’s more, if you know his secret, you can access the private bar in the basement.

Bartleby is a wild fae of considerable skill and age. While not a Freeholder, he has enough influence to get the Blue Martini registered as an Accorded Neutral Ground. While he stays neutral in Vegas’ Byzantine power struggles, he has been known to render advise or aid to those he considers friends.


Tales of the Lost Corinthi