Constance Burnworth

Doe-eyed Double Agent


High Aspect: What Goes Around Comes Around.
Trouble: I’m Right On Top Of That.

3 Scholarship (Linguist)
2 Athletics (Fleet of Foot) – an ex-Varsity runner in high school and college.
1 Deceit (Make-up Artist)

Always gifted when it comes to computers, Constance would never consider herself a hacker, but she types at an incredible rate (copying at about 110 wpm, and typing from dictation at almost as quickly as a person speaks), and never seems to have trouble finding information on the Internet. However, more than her gift at a keyboard, Connie was kidnapped while in China, studying linguistics.

As an extremely valuable asset to any high-powered mogul in Las Vegas, she is fluent in a dozen languages (none of which are arcane, unless you consider Latin arcane), including:
English (native)


Constance was introduced by the Triads, following an incident involving one of Arianna’s girls. After Ari contacted the number left by Giovanni Montegna (to replace the girl he had exhausted), two Triad goons delivered her to Surrender.

Constance had survived the trials of the prostitution ring that the Triad had been running, but scared, alone, and uncertain of what would become of her, Arianna set her up with a place to stay and what she would need to re-establish herself in the city. At first, she was a potential flight risk, but after doing some research, she’d found out that although her missing persons case had never been solved, she had no family left; her brother and parents had been killed the year after she had gone missing (yet another unsolved case). With nothing to return to in Wisconsin, Constance asked Arianna if she could stay in Las Vegas, to which Ari replied “Of course – just let me know how I can help.”

With a new name – Connie Fielding – Arianna set her up as an assistant to her own assistant; so she could learn all that she needed to know before being sent into the lion’s den that is House Montegna.

Constance Burnworth

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