Hotdog Street Vendor - Information Mercenary


Author Note: All this guy is, is an information mercenary but with a heavy leaning for the good guys. Therefore, if accepted, I have no idea what the statistics would be. This is my idea for a NPC known as Hotbob. The NPC relates to Kane as a regular customer, passing him notes about the Occult in between the napkins as he buys a hot dog. The base for this idea is that hot dog stand owners have their own kind of networks city wide ( or even nationwide ) and park their stands in a central warehouse where they also stock up their hot dogs.


Hotbob is a 57 year old, badly shaven, fat, greasy short guy with an Italiano-American accent, by the birth name Robert Aiser. Despite having a disputable hygiene record, he is a genuinely nice guy with wife and kids and generally well known for the appeasing smell of his shredded onion & mustard combo recipe.

Just as the stand owners like to keep their hot dog recipe a closely guarded secret, ( one disputed tip is whether they simmer their “meat” for hours before serving ) they keep secrets of their customers just as closely.

Despite being a regular civilian, for some reason his cryptic notes always helps his favourite customers, whether they are to do with horse racing, predicted odds in a local casino or activities of obscure groups and communities. He has never been proved a criminal or actually arrested as for some reason the police like his hot dogs, too.

His own health is a matter for concern, as he has been shot and stabbed more than the average street vendor but is still able to give a hearty, if greasy, welcome to every good “customer.” Kane thinks he is far from neutral as he has fended off thugs and refused to serve particularly questionable citizens, but a sign of respect seems to emanate from this character.

The golden rule of this character is, “don’t ask a gift horse in the mouth,” especially when that mouth could have provided more than what’s in your hot dog.


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