James Whitmen


High Concept: Not Actually, corrupt police Lieutenant
Good cop, Bad circumstances.
That’s how it works, deal with it.
Double tap that ass.

1 athletics
1 Investigation
1 drive
1 might
2 Intimidation
2 Contacts
2 discipline
3 Presence
3 Deceit
4 Guns

Pin them down. -1


James isnt a crooked cop, but in las vegas you have to play the game weather you like it or not if your going to stay. Leutinent Whitman has more pressing matter’s then city hall. The gang’s and triad are getting unruly as of late and it’s his job to figure out how to put a stop to it while tied up in red tape. He would like to keep his distance from office politics, but in sin-city you can only hope for so much. Recently his prime irritation has been the assignment of a new Detective Sergeant to his unit by Mayor goodwin. James has been around the block and knows their’s something wrong, but isnt really “clued in”, and suspects it’s more the triad’s or wynn making some kind of move then supernatural skulduggery.

James is frustrated with the current system, but participates in it to keep his department as effective as possible. A stern if shrewd man, James served 8 year’s of his life as an army sniper in Afghanistan. If one flaw could be said about him it’s would have to be his weakness for the women. While he tries not to let it get in the way of his job he can get “distracted” at times.

James Whitmen

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