Leroy Caldwell



High Aspect: Ashen Court Cop
Trouble Aspect: Foreign memories and alien desires.
Aspect 1: Quid Pro Quo my ass.
Aspect 2: It’s time to take back the night!
Aspect 3: I may not be human anymore, but i’m still a cop!
Aspect 4: Heh, Ive seen scarier things inside my own damned head.
Aspect 5: Well, that aint right.

Base Refresh: 10
Current Refresh: 2

Stunts: (* Denotes inactive in human form, # Denote dependency.)
*Inhuman speed -2
*#Inhuman recovery -2
*Supernatural toughness -2 (supernatural power only)
*#Claws [Spirit Render -1] -2
#Channeling -2
Magic Toughness Upgrade -1
Power Devourer -1
Human form (Involuntary change) +2
Feeding Dependency +1
Aura of Annulment +0

total points: 38
Total used: 36
5 Discipline
4 Conviction
4 Investigation
4 Intimidation
3 Lore
3 Fists
3 Athletics
2 Guns
2 Might
2 Endurance
2 Alertness
1 Driving
1 Stealth
1 Empathy
1 Burglary

Mental 4 (8 +2 armor when magical)
Physical 3 (7 +2 armor when magical)
Social 2
Hunger 4 (extra mind consequence)

Focus Item (Offensive & defensive power) -2FIP


Leroy Caldwell was a police officer in Providence Rhode Island. During a investigation into a series of arsons he and his fellow officers stumbled onto a ghoul that had the idea of burning down buildings to cover up the disappearing body’s. After a close shave they dispatched the creature, and thusly they began the long process of taking back the night, block by bloody block. Along the way they met with a Hedge witch who had quite the talent for tracking spells and veils, and even convinced the chief of police to aid them in their nightly pursuit of “Justice”.

But Bravery is it’s own price, and Mortal’s should know better then to involve themselves to deeply in the supernatural. One winter thing’s started to get scary in town, arming up and treating it like any other supernatural crises, Leroy and his buddies rushed headlong into a all or nothing conflict between two powerful wizards. Leroy himself was kidnapped by the dark wizard and used as a human sacrifice to feed the horrifying abomination he had summoned in the very last dying moments of the millenium. The other wizard arrived to stop the dark one but was unable to fight off both him and his summoned nightmare. Restrained and used as “food” as well. Everything fell on Leroy’s friend to save the day. Though taking heavy casualties, Melissa Joslin managed to hide herself behind a veil long enough to sneak up on the sorcerer and using a riot shotgun turn his chest and head into meatloaf. This freed up the other wizard who was being devoured just enough to stop the horrible abomination, and he used his death curse to do it.

Leroy awoke a decade later with no memory of the passing 10 year’s in a burning building. Saved by a local wizard firefighter named Anderson and given a new Identity by a white court succubus who controlled a secret brothel. Now he is attempting to rebuild his life, all while balancing the new supernatural threats of Las Vegas with the demands of his job as a detective sergeant of the LAPD organized and game related crime (OGR) task force.

Leroy Caldwell

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