Megan Oliva


High Concept: Venatori Vivisecter.
Trouble: It’s not only my duty and privledge, it’s also a pain in the ass.
There’s so much you can do with a smile and a sharp scalpul.
Hypocritical Oath.
Of course, it all falls to me.
First, you need to understand the problem.
You never get what you want, or what you need. You make do with what you have.

5 Scholorship
4 Deceit
4 Lore
4 Discipline
3 Presence
3 Resources
3 Rapport
2 Contacts
2 Guns
2 Weapons
1 Endurance
1 Stealth
1 Athletics

Occultist: specialty: Crypto-biology (super specialty: Supernatural wounds) -1
Leadership -1
Best foot forward -1
Doctor (Specialty: field medicine) -1
Takes one to know one -1
Refresh 5


Megan Olivia has worked for the Venatori Umbrorium for the last twenty five years. After getting outstanding grades in med school she became a mortition at major las angles forensics labratory. Her first encounter with the supernatural was when the strange victem woke up mid autopsy and in the blink of eye not only broke her wrist, but threw her across the room. Though either dumb luck, or supreme skill. She managed to lift an item to defend herself, and the charging newly made black court impaled itself on a metal pole. In a hurry she finished it off using the chemicals at hand, but that effort had cost her a large bruise across her midrife. The monster, was no more then ashes. Shortly after the paramedics arrived, along with some rather confused cops.

The local authreties were baffled, and in the end she lost her job because she was unable to provide a reasonable explanation, though she knew better then to say the corpse came alive. She was contacted by the Venatori Umbrorium who had gotten hold of video footage of the incident and offered her a interesting deal. A new job and position, in exchange she would help patch up people who had injuries that were difficult to explain to the police.

She rose steadily in the ranks, proving both her level-headedness and skill on numerous occasions. Until at 2002 she was assigned as regional commander of the Venatori Umbrorium, Operating out of a hospital in Las Vegas. The increased resources and authority also gave her a side benefit, more time to persue personal projects. Over the year’s Ms. Oliva has become somewhat of an expert on the supernatural and tends to approach it from a very scientific viewpoint. One of the world’s few true cryptobiologists, Her skills can came in quite handy when dealing with the unatural and she is a very valued member of the hunters.

In the vampire war The venatori umborium took extensive casualties. Being in the southern part of the united states the hospital was one of the hardest hit. The regional headquarter’s has fallen on hard times, and is currently both understaffed, underfunded, and overworked. Her subordinates are clamoring to take more aggressive action before it’s too late as she tries to rebuild the station back to what it once was. In short, chaos as usual. Oh joy.

Megan Oliva is a blunt and straightforward women, but exceedingly intelligent. She comes off as cordial and likable most of the time, as it’s easier for her to get what she wants. She isnt selfish so much as dedicated to her goals. It’s her driven nature that can lead to bad blood as she steamrolls whoever has the misfortune get’s in her way once the act drops. She can occasionally come off as unforgiving and harsh as a drill instructor when work’s getting to her or crap hits the fan, but she means well in the end. She dislikes the supernatural as most Venatori do, and prefer’s to keep her relationship to the less hostile element’s of it similier to a man using a gun, then a friendly relationship. Wizard’s and magic user’s being the exception, as the alliance between the Venatori umbrorium and the white council shows. Just keep away from her equipment, far away. Infact stand in the parking lot please.

Megan Oliva

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