Milton Parkston


High aspect: Cybercop, son of a Crip.
Yeah, that was me. Surprised?
Lock & load, Let’s do this.
The world isn’t sunshine and roses, least not until I make it.

Alertness 1
Guns 1
Fists 1
Deceit 1
Drive 2
Rapport 2
Investigation 2
Stealth 3
Athletics 3
Burglary 4

Hacker -1


On indefinite loan from the cybercrimes division. Officer Milton Parkston has been an invaluable asset to the team, If only a single one of them would realize it. Undersized and underwhelming, Milton is not exactly the man you’d picture when you think cop. He has an extended family living in the bad part of town and had a close shave with gang life growing up piss poor. His sister pulled him out of it and he committed himself to bettering the world and the community. Dreams of grandeur and heroism quickly evaporated when he realized policing wasn’t exactly the golden opportunity he thought it would be, but at-least it pays well.

Usually present at the front. Milton is enthusiastic about his job, though a little less then he used to be. His frequent use of street slang and quick manner of speech serve to hide his intelligence from most. He can be over-eager at times, especially for action. Not yet having killed a man in the line of duty or being injured. He doesn’t fight stupid but he still see’s it like the movies, and that will get him hurt one day.

Milton Parkston

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