Shaw Elsten


High Concept: Cop fallen from favor.
Nowhere to go but up, or out.
People do funny things.
The bottle, The Badge, and The bitterness.

Guns 1
Athletics 1
Presence 1
Contacts 1
Discipline 2
Drive 2
conviction 2
Investigation 3
Burglary 3
Empathy 4

Read the surface -1


Shaw Elsten is a beat cop belonging to the organized and gang crime response division. Demoted from Lieutenant after a embarrassing fiasco in which he personally arrested one of the city’s more influential member’s of the Yukuza after a extended investigation. Dato Tian, A rich investor who also owns a substantial amount of all labor services in Las Vegas. The charges were dropped and Shaw was forced into a public apology to Mr.Tian. The man did not press the for some reason issue and he kept his job, just barely.

Now back at the bottom of the latter after fifteen year’s of service. Shaw is struggling to climb back to the heights he once held. He committed himself to his work after his wife died in an automobile accident 4 year’s ago. But sometimes at the bottom of a bottle he wonder’s why he’s still fighting, or what he’s fighting for.He could be best described as quiet and a little jaded. His physical skills are little rusty after year’s of heading up investigations rather then heading into danger head first, but he has a good head on his shoulders for people and a almost instinctual understanding of how they work.

Shaw Elsten

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