Arianna's Penthouse

Everyone Needs A Place to Call Home


Arianna’s penthouse at The Venetian is a two-level mega-suite in the southwestern front corner of the hotel. From her home, you can see southwestern Las Vegas.

Morning sun doesn’t reach her place, but she has plenty of afternoon warmth. She does have roof access, and House Raith actually owns full rights to use the top of the hotel. Through an agreement with the Venetian hotel, unless it is an emergency, the maintenance staff must inform members of House Raith of any planned access to the roof.


When you enter Arianna’s penthouse, it looks more like a comfortable place to stay than the almost cold and streamlined black and white office setting she has overlooking Surrender’s floor and pool. The carpet is thick enough that bare feet sink into it a little bit, and the furniture is made to be used, not just looked at. While the decor of her office ties in to her pale gold Jaguar, her penthouse can be considered a complement to her Jeep Wrangler.

Upon entering, you have the stairs to your immediate right, and you can see the southern Strip through the floor-to-ceiling windows as you walk into the comfortable living room. Off the living room area, the photo shows a bit of the galley style dining area and the kitchen. Beyond the dining area is another, what some might consider more masculine, gathering space, complete with full media center, wet bar, and pool table.

If you walk up the stairs – a two-landing, three-section set – you loop back toward the penthouse-length hallway; one side a solid wall, and the other a sleek glass-and-stainless handrail that provides views of the full set of windows along the entire south wall. At the end of the hallway you enter Arianna’s bedroom, which not only has southward views but also overlooks the western mountains and Red Rock Canyon way off in the distance.

Behind the wall you followed along the hall is a galley-style walk-in closet and huge spa-style bathroom. The Roman tub is deep enough to soak every muscle after a long day, and the 6 head, over-sized shower stands separate from the tub.

Arianna's Penthouse

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