Gold Coast


Located on the Boulder Strip(@@), the Gold Coast is so beloved by locals — and always packed with them — that it’s hard to believe that it hasn’t been around since the turn of the century, luring the citizens of rustic Nevada to its abundant gaming and entertainment by the wagonload. How quaint.

A spacious bowling center offers fun for bowling aficionados and families alike. The casino floor is enormous and filled with table games, a bustling sports book and every type of video poker machine imaginable. Three lounges provide cool respite from gaming, while a number of unique and charming eateries serve dishes ranging from prime rib to Italian specialties to cheeseburgers. A dance hall rocks with big band swing, Dixieland jazz and the occasional rockabilly show.

If you’re looking for Shane and Shawn Goldsmith, Gold Coast should be your first stop.

(@@) This was said to be on the Boulder Strip by accident during the city’s creation. For the purposes of this campaign, it will remain in the wrong location. Simply switch Sam’s Town and Gold Coast on any official city maps.

Gold Coast

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